10th International Filtration Conference

Our VP of Sales and Marketing, Ivan Sheffield, spoke at the Southwest Research Institute in September on "Hydraulic Filter Testing Done RIGHT."  Download the PDF below to see his paper.

Training for Filtration

Check out this PDF for some great tips for Filtration and Contamination Control.


How to Use Fluid Cleanliness Standards to Drive Cost Control

by Ivan Sheffield
Published in Machinery Lubrication
(reprinted by permission)

In today's competitive economy, businesses are challenged to identify ways to increase profit margins without significant capital investments. For facility managers, cost control can be supported by raising maintenance standards to a Total Level Cleanliness program that controls costs by extending the life cycle of fluids and, in turn, of hydraulic systems that they support.

Facility maintenance professionals can see greater returns on their cost control efforts by working closely with their service providers, such as oil reclamation companies, to establish clear agreements on maintenance practices that support such a program.

Training - Filtration Basics

Topics Covered:
• Importance of Filtration
• Types of Contamination
• Filter Types
• Filter Rating
• Filter Selection and Life
• New ISO Standards
• Filter Types and Locations



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